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Where do we go from here?! March 28, 2006

Posted by Ragesh G R in Uncategorized.
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Long journey ahead… It has just shifted into top gear. Now on it’s full throttle till the finish. Wow!! Here we are, at the threshold of life, waiting in the wings, to take to the skies and explore the unknown. Let’s do it, putting all the complications and bitterness behind, and carrying the memories of those unforgettable moments that we had when we all were together, cocooned in the covert of love, fraternity and togetherness.

Life’s changing, as they say, “The only thing permanent is change”, and our lives too are no different. And hence we dive into the newly found torrent of change with a delirious fervour, enamoured by its façade, not knowing what lurks behind the alluring horizon. But, we will grow; grow higher, stronger and better, but farther away from each other. We can’t help it. Life’s like that. ‘Life is a lesson; you learn it when you are through!!’

But at least, sometimes during a halcyon evening, when the music system is switched off, the T.V is switched off, the Internet is disconnected, the birds have stopped singing, and the only thing you can hear is the still quiet of your own mind, reflected on our tranquil visage, we will think of our friends, our times together and the
moments we cherish, and if it brings a tear in our eyes, a smile on our lips, or a cool breeze in our heart, that’s what our love and friendship is all about.



1. Srikanth - April 21, 2006

Hi da. Good to c u posting.. Nice touching one…. reflected the reality.. All the best..Keep it up(dated)

2. Srikanth - April 23, 2006

U R tagged.. for details c this post

3. srikanth - April 26, 2006

Hey ragesh ..Nice one da.
Very Touching!!
I believe that u must have written it when u thought of the last day of our college life.Am i right?

I always wonder that is there some way of we friends being together,after our life in college…..
what comes to my mind is placed as a gang in a reputed IT firm.

4. Aravind - April 29, 2006

hi rag…. very touchin(esp—the only thing you can hear is the still quiet of your own mind– i luved this).. keep updating…

5. Kalpu - May 6, 2006

Hi rags!!.. this piece of yours certainly brings a tear in my eyes,a smile in my lips and a cool breeze in my heart.. Its absolutely lovely.. Keep writing in full throttle!!!:-)

6. Ragesh - May 6, 2006


Thanks a lot for your comments and encouragement. I will surely keep writing in full throttle

7. Anu thati - September 18, 2006

hey.. you are right da.. we think of anyone only when we alone or there is nothing to do.. or else we get carried by our work.. but let me tell you.. there are few whom we cannot forget.. whose memories haunt us always.. and you are one among that in my case..

8. Anonymous - September 25, 2006

hi ragesh – dis is from another ragesh /virgo/car bike lover/misic lover/from chennai/ ok jus wanna tell u – richard hammond of top gear met wid an accident – brain injuries – he is out of danger – so be happy – send him a note on top gear site

9. Ghanesh R.S. - November 1, 2006

Hey dude…Excellent Blog! After my fast perusal i found myself intellectually inspired with your seamless flow of articulate thoughts.. This is certainly a strong motivation for my indolent brainwaves to spark again with the delight of being enamored by the beauty of scrumptuous language..Keep posting more to spread the inspiration… 😉

10. rageshgr - November 1, 2006

@Ghanesh. Thanks a lot for the encouragement and the comment in such a pulchritudinous language, dude, glad if I could inspire a person of your caliber. 😉

11. Ghanesh - November 1, 2006

lolz..i aint got no “caliber” …glad u like the lang..and likewise thanx for the inspiration…

12. rageshgr - November 1, 2006

thanks.. same to u 🙂

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