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What drives me.. April 30, 2006

Posted by Ragesh G R in Uncategorized.

Oh my friends,
You are my life,
you are my soul,
You have the flair of a Ferrari,
love of a Lamborghini,
majesty of a Mercedes,
magnificence of a McLaren,
purity of a Porsche,
cuteness of a Citroen,
robustness of a Renault,
royalty of a Rolls Royce,
panache of a Pagani,
belligerence of a BMW,
mildness of a Minardi,
magic of a Maserati,
heritage of a Herald,
pedigree of a Peugeot,
dedication of a Ducati,
enchantment of an Enfield,
zeal of a Zonda,
loyalty of a Lada,
fame of a Fiat,
attitude of an Alfa Romeo,
happiness of a Honda,
beauty of a Bentley,
security of a Skoda,
passion of a Pronto,
virtue of a Volks Wagon,
perseverance of a Prado,
maturity of a Mazda,
class of a Cadillac,
integrity of an Isuzu,
kindness of a Kia,
sweetness of a Subaru,
serenity of a Sangyong,
talent of a Toyota,
heart of a Hindustan,
manners of a Mitsubishi,
originality of an Opel,
potential of a Proton,
sensibility of a Saab,
vigour of a Vauxhall,
temerity of a TVR,
finesse of a Ford,
charm of a Chevrolet,
lucidness of a Lotus,
boldness of a Bugatti,
novelty of a Nissan.
You are as immaculate as an Isdera,
jovial as a Jaguar,
astonishing as an Aston Martin,
I am as sad as a Suzuki, to leave you,
you caring Chryslers,
As they say, good friends are for keep,
like a Kawasaki..



1. Revathi - May 4, 2006

god ragesh..u r car crazy!!every blog of urs has a subtle if not blatant reference to cars!!and ur blog name doesnt leave much to imagination :P:P!!anyway nice poem..

2. garun42 - June 28, 2006

hi na
this’s arunbala it dept…
quite lately hoped in the blog pool aand awed to see the mystic talent of ur`s….hope ur rather quite immerresed in a hopeful obssesion for cars! poetry goes rhyming line on with cars,cars….


3. Arun Bala - August 23, 2006
4. krishnakumar - June 18, 2007

hai ragesh,

it is really great. Ragesh, I have seen you once. In the marriage ceremony of your kochachan, santhosh. You were a small boy. Now I can feel that you have become a big engineer with innovative ideas. The poem with names of cars is fantastic. Do write more and more. Let me appreciate the research you did for learning the minutest detais of sports cars. Keep it up. God bless you. Byeeee

5. Ragesh G R - June 19, 2007

@Krishnakumar: thanks a lot, Ya I remember u very well. ya and cars are my passion.. btw convey my wishes to ur son..

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