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Klues 2 Klueless 2. Don’t be Klueless anymore.. November 3, 2006

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With Klueless 2, spreading like wild fire, let me share my knowledge with you guys, hope these Klues will help you win Klueless 2.

Level 1: Know the anatomy of the eye well and know a bit about Klueless 2.

Level 2: Come on, He is THE Man we are talking about

Level 3: What do u see on the screen, any relevance with our man

Level 4: Look at the Title, read the note carefully, who has written it. Link all of them. Remember this is Klueless. So you gotta think out of the box.
Level 5: Look at the plate, be proud of Indian Mathematicians.

Level 6: Ah too simple, or soo timple rather.

Level 7: Break the crust n see what do u get, who is the creator of that.

Level 8: Vrrrrooom!! Automibili irresistable

Level 9: Think ‘laterally’, and you wont be Klueless anymore.
Level 10: Concentrate on the title. Link all of them. It is a very useful item lying around on your desk.

Level 11: Forget philosophy, just look at the words.

Level 12: Don’t get confused with numbers. Think with your right brain.

Level 13: Concentrate on the last line of the story, It is pretty simple, if you get the ‘perspective’ right.

Level 14: Read the lines carefully, use little bit of probability. Then may be search.

Level 15: Come on there is something wrong about it, how do you read it.

Level 16: Concentrate on the position of the cat. Where is it? what is such a place called.

Level 17: Read it the way it is instructed. Look at how it is written

Level 18: What is the winning combination? How is it encoded?

Level 19: Read the story carefully. What could it mean. Spell check!!!
Level 20: Use all the information, esp from the last 10 levels of Klueless2.

Good luck! with Klueless 2 !, and waiting for Klueless 3.



1. Kurt - November 30, 2006

Hey can u get me a better clue for the lvl 20

2. rageshgr - December 1, 2006

@Kurt: Think of a place where you might find a number. A device.. 😉

3. Diana - December 13, 2006

LEVEL 12?????????

4. rageshgr - December 13, 2006

@Diana: A big clue, think abt the colours..

5. shobs - December 15, 2006

Can u pls gimme another clue for lvl16…. i knw tht its canine in japan… and i tried everything from chin to spaniel…still unable to get it.

Help me . atleast tell me if im on the right track…:)

6. rageshgr - December 15, 2006

@shobs: It has has nothing to do with canine, look at the position of the cat. Where is it south, southern most point.. What is that called in Japan?

7. bina - January 9, 2007

hi can you please gimme some better hints for level 12 iknow its very very simple and i am gonna feel stupid once i know the answer but as of now i am kluless

8. rageshgr - January 12, 2007

@bina: Ok very easy clue.. forget the numbers. think abt the colours.

9. neha - January 31, 2007

Hey cud you please give me a better clue for level 10..

10. tina - January 31, 2007

@level 10: wat is the relation between 115, a ruler and “Ode to Joy”?

11. tina - January 31, 2007

i cant figure out the relation between the three in level 10.. plz help…

12. rageshgr - February 1, 2007

@Neha and Tina: Level 10: Well what does a ruler measure, that item is 115 (units) in size, its circular, u can use to it to Listen to music, it might be on your desk now, or even in your computer..

13. sandeep - February 1, 2007

what is clue for level 3
except pipe and sherlock holmes
trying different combinations for last two days.
any help will be appreciated

14. neha - February 1, 2007

clue for level 12..
there are so many colours!!!

15. neha - February 1, 2007

clue for level 13

16. rageshgr - February 1, 2007

@sandeep: well what kind of pipe does Holmes use..

17. rageshgr - February 1, 2007

@Neha: So you cracked 12, ok, 13, what does he see? from his side, the other side?

18. neha - February 2, 2007

Hint for lvl 17.
i know whats written but whm its from?

19. neha - February 2, 2007

gOT 17TH

20. neha - February 2, 2007

Hint for last level

21. rageshgr - February 3, 2007

level 20: Where would you find a number?

22. suman - March 1, 2007

need a close hint for level 18 …. if possible please mail me the answer at sumanyadav1812@gmail.com

23. rageshgr - March 3, 2007

@suman: simple just find out what the winning combo would be than from the pattern of the other 3 sets of cards, look at what characters (encoding) emerges

24. Meow - March 30, 2007

HELP 10….. trying for the past 14 hours… will jump off terrace soon!
On a more serious note:
I got the relation between 115 and Ode to Joy, but I still cant find the object 😦
searched high and low… please help soon!

25. rageshgr - March 30, 2007

@Meow: 10: Big clue, it is related to computers, it might be lying around on your desk .. It can be used to store Ode to Joy

26. Meow - April 1, 2007

OMG! thank you so much! the last line really helped 🙂
ofcourse now im hoplessly stuck at 12 😐

27. varun - April 1, 2007

wats withh 11th??
is it even related to doctors

28. rageshgr - April 2, 2007

@Varun: no, dont think about the meaning of the words, just read them as it is..

29. Ravi - April 10, 2007

klueless 2 level 17 – i cracked it on basis of “an invitation”. But haven’t been able to figure out what connection it has with that graph.

30. rageshgr - April 10, 2007

@Ravi: ya invitation to join _ _ _ _ _

31. Another....Nidhi - May 18, 2007

i m unable to cross level 10…i really need help….it tried answers related to sound, speakers…..all in vain
please give me an easy hint

32. Ragesh G R - May 19, 2007

@Another….Nidhi: u missed the storage device.

33. @l\lI - May 22, 2007

Help………..level 14……….plzzzzzzzzzzzz

34. @l\lI - May 22, 2007

done with 14……………
need klue 4 15 now……….

35. Ambimeer - May 23, 2007

what is the answer for level 18 in part 2? i am stuck here from last 2 days and tried everything that i cud think of

36. Me - June 8, 2007

13 plzzz dice one

37. Deep - July 6, 2007

Stuck at level 11 for a long time..can anyone help plz? anything related to soulsdoc ???

38. Ragesh G R - July 8, 2007

@Deep you have almost spelt out the answer, just look at the words carefully from a computer science perspective..

39. naina - August 22, 2007

Level 3 plzzzzzz????
i tried Pipe, pipes, cigar n wat not………

40. naina - August 22, 2007

got it 🙂
damn it was easy…
its the kind of pipe used by our man !!!

41. naina - August 22, 2007

now stuck on 4th………
nebody plz help…

42. naina - August 22, 2007

the 4th lane crossed finally……….. 🙂
now this level 5 is the one bugging me…
sumthin related to ramanujan i guess… !!!! but wat ??? 😦

43. naina - August 22, 2007


help me wid the vroooom thing……..
m i the only one struck

44. naina - August 22, 2007

Hey Ragesh…
plz send in a clue for lvl 11………
soulsdoc n SOS….nt gettin ne relation between the two 😦

45. naina - August 22, 2007

level 15 is getting me on my nerves………..
sum1 plz help me out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥

46. naina - August 23, 2007

finally on the 18th…….

47. naina - August 23, 2007

m bad at cards……….
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeez hlp me

48. Ragesh G R - August 24, 2007

@Naina: just encode the winning combination..

49. Chetan - November 6, 2007

what is being talked about fellas ??

50. Ragesh G R - November 6, 2007

We are talking abt the online puzzle/mystery Klueless 2, as part of IIM Indore’s Irising.

51. sahil - March 2, 2008

hey ragesh, whats the relation….doc and souls…

52. sahil - March 2, 2008

thats for 2006 edition…discovered it now

53. Ragesh G R - March 2, 2008

oh ok cool.

54. sylvester - September 17, 2008

Level 9 any hints pls

55. Ragesh G R - September 17, 2008

Don’t remember much what LEVEL 9 was, Think laterally is what I have written,. guess you have to tilt your head and read.

56. sylvester - September 18, 2008

got the ans … now i m stuck in level 10

57. sylvester - September 18, 2008

i think it has something to do wid CDs …. but m not getting the right word

58. sylvester - September 18, 2008

k got that one too …. 🙂

59. Ray - November 22, 2010

on level 16, what cat are u talking about? i cant see any cat… please help me out, i have been stuck for ages… 😦

60. Vin - December 17, 2010

hey pls tell the ans for level 14…
send me mail

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