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She is my McLaren January 18, 2007

Posted by Ragesh G R in Uncategorized.
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She is My McLaren

She is very haughty
yet soft inside
the more challenging, the more interesting
but very hard to handle
You have to be on the toes
Like a McLaren F1
But once you get acqainted its fun
A wonderful experience
But if u lose control at 375 km/hr
You are dead
Cannot rev the engine up initially
she will cause wheel spin
But she gets into the groove
then she is really smooth
But as a driver u have got to be very skilled
Demanding indeed but worth it and full filling
But very expensive
Really a driver’s car
She is my McLaren..
And, I will not lose her for anything else..

– Ragesh



1. Ravikumar - January 24, 2007

I think this poem was not only intended for McLaren .

2. rageshgr - January 24, 2007

You are right dude, my poem has a “deeper” meaning 🙂

3. Kalpu - January 28, 2007

hey dear… a very beautiful poem.. its really very expensive to own a “McLaren” and its worth all the trouble you take to take care of her..a very unique and novel way of expressing yourself!..Keep writing..U rock!!!:)

4. rageshgr - January 28, 2007

@Kalpu: Thanks dear

5. anusha - May 31, 2007

oops.. its finally a car?… i expected something else 🙂

6. Ragesh G R - June 6, 2007

@Anusha: Just car!? come on dude, read it deeply.. he he :p

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