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Thou art my love February 15, 2007

Posted by Ragesh G R in Uncategorized.
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In thine eyes saw I, the sparkle of love,
For you are the one I never want to leave,

Thou art the fairest maiden I ever have ken,
Thou art truly heaven given.

Loving you, the one thing I did really true,
Rest of my life, I have no clue,

God is unfair, he made you so beautiful,
My eyes need more than a life time to feel full

I want you by my side,
To sit beside you with pride,

I want to caress your soft cheeks,
I want to kiss your tender lips

I want to savour your beautiful smile,
I want to regain all that I lost all this while

I will live for you, I will die for you,
The only one I think about day and night, is you!

Then why?, my love! u left my heart in desolation!
Then Why? my love! u failed to see my passion..

All I wanted was your compassion
Now all I have is consternation

Tell me now, tell me true.
Was n’t my love towards you really true?

– Ragesh



1. Kalpu - February 23, 2007

Wow…Wonderful work dear..So romantic! It feels magical to fathom the depths of a loving heart and an artistic mind..But our this life is not a fairy godmother’s spell to turn things favourable to us always..But never give up hope..We are all bound to find the one made for us someday..I only wish you meet the girl of your dreams soon!!!:-)

2. rageshgr - February 23, 2007

Thanks dear.. wish u the same as well..

3. Meow - March 30, 2007

Such a beautiful poem, so much warmth in every line….
its one of those poems that make people go *sigh* 🙂

keep writing, great work

4. rageshgr - March 30, 2007

@Meow: Thanks a lot for good wishes and encouragement, 🙂

5. maithreyi - April 7, 2007

it feels so good to read the poem!!!fills the place!!!the words will linger in my mind forever!!!and great job dude!!!keep goin!!!

6. rageshgr - April 7, 2007

@maithreyi: thanks dude, nice to hear, i have left an impression in someones mind..

7. mgsanthosh@uiic.co.in - April 26, 2007

Dear Ragesh chettan,

Wonderful! You are fit to be called as a professional with a poetic mind. Keep going.
Your younger ones.


8. rageshgr - April 26, 2007

@Kannan Unni: Thank you very much for your encouraging comments.. 🙂

9. Nivedita - June 21, 2007

wow.. didnt know u were also a poet! please import these on to ch1blogs. !

10. Ragesh G R - June 21, 2007

@Nivi: thank u dude, will surely do that..

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