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Make Money from your Blog with Bloggerwave December 8, 2007

Posted by Ragesh G R in Uncategorized.

Make Money from your Blog with Bloggerwave. Well ya, Bloggerwave pays you to write about them and their partners whom you can promote through your blog. Just a novel way to monetize your blog. I know coz I just received  a 10$ from them. Quite exciting. he he. Try your luck as well. Happy blogging!




1. facts animals - December 13, 2007

Wish i had the talent to write such posts.

2. Jithin K.Rajeev - December 23, 2007

for bloggerwave you need paypal account. can I get a free paypal account????

3. Jithin K.Rajeev - December 23, 2007

and what about AdBrite? you could post a topic on that….

4. Ragesh G R - December 25, 2007

@Jithin: Ya dude, paypal account is free. Adbrite is an ad program just like Google Adsense

5. Jithin K.Rajeev - December 25, 2007

k k k thanks….

6. Ravi - January 10, 2008

I too need info on this.. Need money to talk to the DEMON as well as meet him .. 😀
I forgot I must get his appointment 😦

7. Ragesh G R - January 10, 2008

@Remba kalaikkara:-p…

8. Aravindan - April 7, 2008

Hey seriously? How it works?

9. Ragesh G R - April 7, 2008

@ Yes dude, just log on to the site, its like u write abt them and its ad for them, as of now this is the only offer there, so only a one time 10 $ stuff.

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