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R-Buddies December 10, 2009

Posted by Ragesh G R in Uncategorized.

I have been working in a corporate office for 2.5 years now and have made many real friends. But this is not I am about tell you now. I am going to tell about a set of pseudo buddies you make because you cannot control your body’s metabolism. Yes! Restroom buddies!

You still may think it is some people you befriend in the restroom. No! these are pseudo! Over the past 2.5, I have seen a pattern, the same set of people seem to be present in the restroom when I enter the restroom, regardless of what time I enter, be it morning, noon, afternoon, 3 PM 4 PM whatever odd time, they are there! And even on the same day, they are there everytime you go! Then you realise, that these are the people whose bodies may probably function similar to yours, may be they have the same rate of metabolism, may be they have the same bodily cycles. It makes me get a friendly feeling towards them. After all, who does not like similar people!? Something like a stockholm syndorme. But the friendly feeling is not because you see them everyday, it is because deep down you know that you may be physically similar people.

And this similarity, cannot be masked by any artifical means, it is the most basic of similarity. This is where all humans become equal. The equality here is unbelievable. I see all people from Entry level trainees to Senior Managers everyday, different ages, different ethnic groups, different regions.

It cannot get more equal than this. Irrespective the class / strata / race you are, it only means you may have similar functioning bodies, and no one can deny that or no one can change that. It gives a sense of belonging, that you are not alone.

It might seem gross , does it? Think about it! Where can you find more equality? All protocols cease to exist here. and it is great to know that “similar” people to you exists in all walks of life.

I am writing this because, I was curious to know if anyone else too felt the same way, about meeting the same people in restroom everyday and wondering if that is because these set of people have a similar metabolism pattern as you!



1. Maithreyi - December 11, 2009

Very different post! Something I’m sure nobody would have thought of.I have noticed this in college.I used to see the same set of people go to the rest room at the same intervals everyday.Although, I seldom use the rest room,be it school,college or at the office,I’ve seen people and the pattern followed.The basic means of equality without any bias,protocols,rules and anything.Its a nice way for the world to understand that deep down,despite being fair/dark,tall/short,huge/small,hindu/christian/muslim/sikh/…, indians/americans/africans/caucasians… We are all humans made of blood corpuscles,bones and n other complicated elements.

2. Ragesh G R - December 11, 2009

I knew wud have already found patterns, heeh, ya equality is the main message here, LOL! man, the corpuscles, bones etc was killer, i thought only I was psycho he he

3. mithblogsin - December 11, 2009

hehe! I am psycho too! I could only think of corpuscles.

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