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Car modification, registration and license for physically challenged February 12, 2017

Posted by Ragesh G R in Uncategorized.

Most of us are passionate about driving and riding here. This becomes all the more important if you are physically challenged because, driving is one place where there is absolutely no difference between physically challenged person and others, movement wise. Every other place, since we use some aids like crutches, calipers, walkers, wheelchairs, our movement is restricted by how flexible these walking aids are.

Hence, the ability to drive is more important for a physically challenged person than any one else. It is not a cakewalk to own and drive a car here if you are physically challenged. The rules and their awareness are only recently being clarified due to many Government Orders. So below I will furnish all the details for a physically challenged person to own and drive a car (same applies for scooter too, but car is more challenging, I will tell you why).


Before buying

  1. Zero in on a comfortable car.
    1. If both your lower limbs are affected, then opt for an automatic car (+modifications for hand controlled accelerator and brake)
    2. If only your right leg is affected, then you can opt for manual or automatic car (++modifications for hand controlled accelerator and brake.
    3. If only your lower left leg is affected, then you can opt for an automatic car without any modifications
    4. If only one of hands is affected, then you can opt for an automatic car without any modifications
  2. Have the following documents ready, apart from usual ones like ID, address proof etc
    1. National Physically challenged ID card + Disability Certificate. In Chennai, it is provided by Government Peripheral Hospital, KK Nagar
    2. Driving Ability Certificate which tells what kind of car (Refer point 1.1 to 1.4), you can drive. In Chennai, it is provided by the Government Peripheral Hospital, KK Nagar, as well as Artificial Limb Center, KK Nagar. Many RTOs prefer the latter
    3. There are many Government orders, which talk about Road Tax relaxation, Excise duty relaxation, Rules for modification etc. Have this handy, but ideally you won’t need them as RTOs will have it

Buying Process

  1. While buying, ask the dealer to give temporary registration. This step is very important. If you register your car as LMV then everything breaks
  2. While negotiating the price, tell the dealer that you are going to register it as an invalid carriage and hence you are eligible for 50% reduction in own damage premium. But since you have not already registered your car as Invalid Carriage, they may not give you 50% discount, but you might get big discount. Also, after one year when you renew, ensure you talk to the insurance people and provide them the copy of your disability and Driving Ability certificate + your RC Book which mentions “Invalid Carriage”. They will provide you the 50% discount
  3. A note about scooters. TVS provides Scooty, Scooty Streak and Wego with extra balancing wheels exclusively for physically challenged persons. Since it is done by the company itself, you need not move an inch to get it registered as invalid carriage, get tax exemption and get 50℅ reduction in premium. It would take couple of months, but there is no effort required from our side. The dealers will do all. Big kudos to TVS for that. But please ensure you have all the certificates I mentioned above

After buying

  1. After getting delivery of the car, make sure your dealer gives you all forms related to the car like Form 20, form 22, form 19 etc.
  2. Then you need to get the car modified from an approved agency which has type approval from A.R.A.I for its driving equipment and also the state governments approval for doing the modifications. Agencies which helped me are :
    1. Dealers | Auto Mate India (Company who makes hand controlled kits)
    2. SHREE VARI ENGINNEERING MR.SHANKAR +91 9884604824 shreevariworks@gmail.com
    3. Shankar is very helpful and will ascertain which category you belong to and what kind of equipment will that particular RTO Approve and do the modifications accordingly. He has made dreams come true for 100s of physically challenged people in Chennai. He will also provide the requirement approval documents and Govt Order copies which help you register your car and get license
  3. After getting the modifications done, ask your dealer if they can get your car registered as an Invalid Carriage. If so, it will be easy. Many Maruti Dealers have the required knowledge to do so. In case of other companies, you might have to get it registered yourself (like I did)
  4. If you are doing registration yourself, get your car weighed at the weigh bridge and get the weight receipt
  5. Approach the local RTO with all the car related forms such as
    1. insurance
    2. invoice,
    3. pollution,
    4. excise,
    5. sale letter,
    6. temp reg certificate
    7. Form 20 with class of vehicle as INVALID CARRIAGE
    8. N.A.M.V filled by you which says what alterations you have done to the vehicle
    9. A.R.A.I approval, govt approval as well as the certificate (which the workshop will give) for the alterations and the workshop which conducted the alterations
    10. Address proof, ID proof etc
    11. Disability ID card and Disability Certificate
    12. Driving Ability Certificate
    13. Two copies of the Chassis number on two papers (done by pencil sketching)
    14. Covering letter requesting the RTO to register your car as Invalid Carriage and for Tax exemption
  6. First step would be to approach RTO and get his/her signature on the forms. Then he would ask the inspector to check your car and give his approval. Then he would ask you to submit the forms in the office. The registration charges are minimal since you will get 100% Road Tax exemption
  7. Be prepared to visit the RTO 2-3 times in case needed. Once the forms have been submitted and accepted at the office, they will ask you to come after a week to collect the RC book
  8. That day, you need to pay a nominal fee of around 120 rupees to “alter your vehicle” to Invalid Carriage. You will receive the RC book that day itself, in the afternoon or evening.
  9. Ensure the class of Vehicle is Invalid Carriage and other details like colour, engine, fuel etc are correct. Congrats! STEP 1 Completed


  1. Learner’s License
    1. Now that you have your car registered as Invalid Carriage, go to https://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/sarathiHomePublic.do
    2. Apply Online->New Learners license. Provide all the details, upload the scanned copies of all the forms, print the pre-filled forms
    3. Approach the RTO Office again with all the forms in the above step as well as your RC book original and copy, Disability ID Card, certificate and driving ability certificate.
    4. Ensure you take your car for the LLR also
    5. Pay the fees at the fee counter, then see the inspector, who will approve your forms, then get it approved at the office, then get your photo taken
    6. You can download the LLR the same day evening from the same website.
    7. Wait for 1 month
  2. License
    1. Go again to the same website and apply for the New License (or Additional Endorsement, if you already have license for say a scooter).
    2. Fill all the forms, upload all required scanned documents, and take print out of the forms
    3. Visit the fee counter, pay the fees, meet the inspector, provide your driving test, get his approval
    4. Get the forms signed at the office, take your photo
    5. You can get license collected next day from the RTO Office

Enjoy your new freedom!!