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The Cars I would love to own

1. Ferrari F60 Enzo

2. Ferrari F430

3. Bugatti Veyron 16-4

4. McLaren F1

5. Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640

6. Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

7. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

8. Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

9. Ferrari F50

10. Ferrari F40

11. Porsche Carrera GT

12. Mercedes McLaren SLR

13. BMW M5

14. BMW M3

15. Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

16. Porsche 911 GT3 RS

17. Jaguar XJ220

18. Koenigsegg CCX

19. Pagani Zonda F

20. Ferrari 355 F1

21. Maserati MC12

22. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

23. Ferarri 575 GTC

24. Ford GT40

25. Mercedes-Benz CLS65 AMG

26. Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG

27. Mercedes-Benz S600

28. Rolls Royce Phantom

29. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S

30. Cadillac Sixteen

31. Bentley Flying Spur

32. Mercedes Maybach 62

33. Dodge Viper GTS

34. Chevorlet Corvette Z06

35. Mazda RX-8

36. Mitsubishi Evo IX

37. Bowler Wildcat



1. alfee - February 26, 2007

why do cars slip so easily during rainney days

2. rageshgr - February 26, 2007

@alfee: see my post titled “The physics behind the pandemonium of driving cars”. Anyway I will quote it once more..

‘The water that is trapped between the tyre and the tarmac does not have any place to go and forms a layer of accumulated water between the tyre and the road, causing a phenomenon called “Aquaplaning” or “Hydroplaning”, in which the grip reduces drastically and you feel as if your car is skating on ice.’

And the faster u go less the time that water has to move away, so more is the thickness of the film that accumulates.. hence slippery

Jyotdeep - August 21, 2013

wow i was never aware of that…

Ragesh G R - August 25, 2013

Thanks Jyotdeep 🙂

3. Hamxa Imam - March 29, 2007

cool thing !

4. rageshgr - March 30, 2007

@Hamxa: Thanks

5. jalaj tak - March 21, 2008

plz tel me tht u can make a desi lamborgini plz help me out plz………

6. Play Tag « Ragesh in Full Throttle! - May 11, 2008

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7. deep - September 29, 2008

nice buddy

8. deep - September 29, 2008

hi can u make a lamborghini for me if i ll give u a money nd tell me how much money u want to make this car
plz reply me at my email urgently gurdeep1987@yahoo.com

9. M.SELVAM - April 7, 2009

Hi, I am a disabled person with left leg fully affected and right leg 50% affected. I wish to own and drive a car at lowest possible budget.
Can you suggest a suitable car and the approximate price. If a used car or a modified car is already available for sale I would be more happier.

10. Krishna Kumar Reddy - April 9, 2010

Hi Ragesh , i have maruti 800 and i am planning to install disc brakes . can u please let me know the minimum and maximum cost for the same. And also please let me know about the cost for only front disc brakes and for 4 X 4 disc brakes. please help me.


11. r.k.a - May 15, 2010

hi bro,
is it possible 2 fix a good diesel engin 4 contessa? if so tell me an economic new diesel engine. my dream car s a contessa muscle. plz reply

12. gurjeet - September 7, 2011

hi i want to buy maruti swift with hand operated cluch can any body tell me how can i get and how can i get concession over it thx

13. John - September 21, 2012

Can you suggest me a good model rear spoiler for a Hyundai i10 please….!!!

If you have a picture, you can send it to “johnlethals@gmail.com”.

Appreciate your help.

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