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Car modifier for physically challenged October 2, 2007

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Update: please find govt approved modifiers at http://automateindia.in/dealer.htm

I think the “wizard” who made my dream of driving a car, come true, deserves an exclusive post. He is:

Mr. Bhaskaran

51, 2nd Street, Collector Nagar,

Opp to MMM.

Mogappair East,

Anna Nagar

CHENNAI – 600094

Mobile: 9841190690

To mention a few words about him, he is an obviously talented Automobile Engineer cum car modifier, who specialises in modifying cars for physically challenged people. He has modified more than 150 cars so far, with 100% success and satisfaction, including the top- guns like Mercedes Benz, using the Alfred Bekker system. For under just Rs 19,000 (this might be variable depending upon the car), he had fabricated and fitted custom built hand operated kit for the accelerator and brake and combined both into a single lever, which operates both, mutually exclusively, using a push-pull mechanism, which makes it fool proof. The whole process takes just about 4-6 days. As a client, I could not be any more happier with him, both as a car modifier and as a person. His work is impeccable, his manners, immaculate. He is a boon for physically handicapped people, atleast through out Tamil Nadu. He is a rare breed indeed, because, although there are many car modifiers in Chennai, finding such a car modifier for physically challenged people in Chennai, is like finding a pearl in a haystack. (Ya he is a Pearl!). Try searching cars for physically challenged, in Google and you will see what I talking about. I dedicate this post to him.

NB: Please read through the comment thread before posting your query. Chances are your question has already been answered.


Close Encounters of the C.A 2th kind May 11, 2007

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6th sem: 31 May 2006: I got up to a new day, the day of the Engineering Economics and Financial Accounting (EEFA) exam. It was a very easy paper and one day was more than enough to prepare it well. So reached the college at 9:35 a.m, leisurely by car, with my dad, and went and sat in my usual place on a bench beside where my closest friend, Kalpaka was sitting, outside the exam hall. The exam was at 10 a.m.

Usually, she sits in the left end of the bench with her bag to her right, and I go and sit in the right end of the bench with my bag to my left. And we will be revising silently, not disturbing each other or discussing etc.

This day however, she was sitting in the middle ( to my luck actually) , and I went and sat beside her. Unlike usual days, I don’t know why but I just peered into the notebook that she was reading, and I saw an acronym. I found that strange and new, hence, out of curiosity, I asked what the expansion of that acronym was. She said something that ended with the term “Processor” (!!). I was like , what?? where the hell does Processor come in EEFA??. Still not exactly getting what the situation is I asked her jokingly, “Hey innakku EEFA exam thane? (Hey today is EEFA exam only right?)”, to confirm that its actually EEFA.

All I expected was a simple “ya of course”, but the reply I got was, “Innakku CA (Computer Architecture 2) da, enna da joke adikkariya, bayam puduthada (Today is CA, what are you joking? don’t scare me)”!!!!.

Oh man shit! Was she joking or serious? Who was joking?. The fact is she really thought I was joking. Just then I started getting what it all meant, I looked around. She had the Computer Architecture text book Hennessey & Patterson by her side. Yes, the worst possible thing had happened!! I had studied for the wrong exam!!. I mean I had only heard stories of students coming prepared for the wrong exam, but I could n’t believe it happened to me.

Suddenly, everything went blank! I could hardly hear any sound, all the people who were discussing and yelling seemed mute to me. It was like in a dream, where everything is dark and kind of intangible, an out of body kind of experience. I was not actually panicking, but my hormones, esp adrenalin started to richochet in a frenzie. It took a minute to sink in. I waited for my dad to leave, he said good luck and left. I didnt want to sadden him by saying the news and making him worried, and get myself worried in the process etc.

After he left, I slowly turned to Kalpaka and said “Hey naa innakku EEFA kku padichittu vandirukken ( Hey I have come prepared for EEFA today)”, in a non-chalant tone with an expressionless face. I was still dumb struck!. I was still numb.

On hearing this, “She was actually more taken aback than me”. She could not believe it for a second and then gave a genuine terrified, surprised expression which told the whole story. I got the exact gravity of the situation only from her face, at that time. She was like “Hey! what are u saying? how come?” She could not believe it. Now it was 9:45 a.m.

Suddenly her mood changed. She left what she was reading, and asked me what units I know. I said I know the 1st and 2nd units well, having listened to the classes, and having studied for Unit Tests. 3rd unit also I knew to some extent. So then she started frantically teaching me topics I did n’t know from 3rd unit and 4th and 5th unit. Luckily some topics in 4th unit had been taught in 4th sem in CA 1. I tried to grasp whatever she was trying to teach, but I was n’t able to listen that much. Though I gathered some vital info on some topics. Thanks to her. But my mind was wandering..

I was telling myself, “Don’t panic, be cool, that’s the key. If u start to panic, then that’s it!, you will lose it, u cant control the degree of panic. So don’t even think abt getting tensed or the consequences!. Just go and write the exam in cool manner. Think this is just a Unit Test. You like the subject very well. You have topped Unit Tests etc. You know the subject well enough to pass, but your emotions, your composure is the key. Just look at the questions, don’t think about this exam etc”..

With this resolution, I relaxed myself and went into the exam hall, with nothing to lose and no expectations… The 2 marks were easy. The 11th question was from 1st Unit, which had performance measures, problems etc all mathematics, so my favourite, wrote that well. Some parts of 12th and 13th questions were about RISC processors. Having studied that in System Software, Microprocessors and CA 1, wrote those pats somewhat decently. 14th question was little unknown for me, but from what she taught me I could manage somewhat. Another small question, I remembered having learnt that in class. Somehow I finished the paper, with having written partial answers for few questions and having left out two 8 mark questions. I was banking on the 11th question to save me.

I came out of the exam hall confident that I will pass, my evaluations told me I will get around 50-55 % in external ( so, 40-44 out of 80 + 20 internal = 60 – 64 % total). 45% was the pass mark. But u never know, this could be one of those things. There was n’t much room for comfort. Many thoughts started perturbing me. My placements were in a month and should the unthinkable happen, I could even end up not placed. Having got a clean record and 84% aggregate, what an embarassment it would be. Everyday I was torn apart between the confidence that I have done well enough to pass, and the fear of failure. The night after the exam, I told my dad quietly, “Don’t get tensed but I had studied for the wrong exam, but don’t worry I have done it ok enough to be safe”. He too was flabbergasted, but he too was cool, and I assured him nothing wrong will happen.

The comedy is that on the day of the previous exam, on May 29th, my friend Prem Anand called me up to mark topics in the CA text book. Even then it didnt strike me that the next exam is CA. I thought he will study CA on 29th, and EEFA on 30th as it is very easy. And generally people will message me about something like some doubt in a topic, or how hard it is to study , how boring etc, This time however nothing like that happened. None messaged me and I didnt message anyone. And even worst, my friend Srikanth K had called me on landline to ask some doubt in CA 2, the day before the exam, but my dad had picked up the phone, because I had gone to bathe, so he cleared his doubt from another friend.. May be it was meant to happen.

But I owe much of what I could accomplish that day, to Kalpaka. She just had a calming influence on me, to know that someone is there who genuinely sees the difficulty you are in, and tries to help you out. I thought, “Atleast for the sake of such a friend, as a tribute to her friendship, atleast for the mental tension I gave her and atleast for the time she spent for me, I should do well in the exam”.. In fact she told me after the exam that, she herself got tensed about my situation, and she was thinking how I will be writing the exam.. Trully unforgettable.

The next important reason is that CA was one of my favourite papers, especially the numerical problems, and I found the subject very easy and interesting.. In fact the reason why I thought the exam was EEFA was because, somehow it got into my head that the exam order is in the reverse order of my liking them. So since I like CA more than EEFA, I thought EEFA is before CA. (My friends either ROFL or hit me when I say this crazy reason.. LOL)

The D-Day. The day of the results! By this time many of my friends came to know about my tragedy(?) and had consoled and encouraged me. The site did not open due to traffic. My friend Abitha called me up and told results have come, and that the site is opening for her but when she tried my number, the site didnt open again. So again tried at my computer, and it opened. Prepared for the worst and hoping for the best, I looked at the screen and searched for CS340 (CA 2), and Voila! I had passed!! , I had scores 20/20 in Internals plus 39/80 (36 being the pass mark) in external for a total of 59 ( 😦 ). phew! what a sigh of relief. The letter “P” on the extreme right made me happier than any 100’s and 90’s I got.

Fine! Now, nothing unthinkable happened, but wait a minute! 39/80? that would mean a mere 49% in external. I knew I didn’t do that bad. and I can’t digest have a mark in the 50’s, in a subject in which I should have scored 90% (Though it’s my fault that I prepared for the wrong exam).

I had n’t got the marks I expected in few other subjects as well. So as usual I applied for revaluation in 4 subjects to get back my peace of mind, and prestige. Reval results arrived, I was so happy, I got 29 marks extra in reval, including +3 in CA 2, which made it now 42/80. Hence 20 + 42 = 62%. Hmmm not bad for studying for an exam in 15 minutes I thought… This incident has turned out to be one of the most happy , sad, proud and embarassing moments for me, but one thing, it’s unforgettable..

All I can say is, necessity is the mother of invention, when u are faced with a crisis, one will automatically get the courage and strength and the solution to it, both from within and from external sources, where there is a will there is a way, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Sorry for being so pleonastic, but wanted to share this experience.. I dedicate this post to Kalpaka and all others who stood by me.. and Revs who urged me to write a post. Love you guys! 🙂

PS: After this exam , the next exam was in fact EEFA on June 2 , so Ragesh G R hardly had to study, in fact he was watching Morning Raga on STAR Movies and messaging everyone to watch it, at 8:00 pm on June 1. LoL:)

The colossal tag April 21, 2007

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I was tagged by Srikanth L to answer a plethora of questions: Here goes

Favorite Color: 7.4×10^-10 m (Red :p)

Favorite Food: Mum’s chicken, Grandma’s Kerala style dishes, Pizza, Halwa

Favorite Month: August, my birth, Independence .. he he

Favorite Song:

Hindi: Tanhayee from Dil Chahta Hai, Yuhi Chala from Swades, Yehi Hota Pyaar from Namaste London(recently)

Tamil: Anbe Sivam, Nenjodu Kalandidu, Kannin kandame vendam

English: Lonely Day by System of a Down

Favorite Movie:

Malayalam : King, Iyer the Great, Manichithrathazhu

English : Movies of Jim Carey, A beautiful mind, What women want, Catch me if you can
Tamizh: Anbe Sivam, Kaadhal Kondein, Anniyan

Hindi : Golmal, Don, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, (I forgot the rest)

Favorite Sport:

Play – Cricket, Dais Tennis!!, Punakka kuru (I invented it, a cross between cricket, squash and hammer throw)..

Watch – Cricket, Formula -1

Favorite Season: Monsoon, esp the Kerala monsoon, so green, so romantic, so pulchritudinous

Favorite Day Of the week: Saturday, when I wake up late after a nice long sleep and still feel relieved that the next day too is holiday, so I can loiter around, hang out with buddies

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: ex: Butterscotch, now: Chocolate

Favorite Time of Day: 12:00 am to 6 :00 am , thats when I am most active, romantic, pensive, creative. Just love the tranquility..


Current Mood: Romantic..

Current Taste: Spicy!

Current Clothes: Black Peter England pants and a Globus tea shirt with the message “DO NOT ENTER”

Current Desktop: Lamborghini Gallardo on GNOME in Fedora Core 5 (Linux :p)

Current Toenail Color: The usual natural light rose- off-white

Current Time: 18:49 IST

Current Surroundings: All my favourite electronic gizmos like my P.C & its accessories, my mobile phone, my MP3 player, A/C, my books, posters of Cars n Sachin Tendulkar, Lays chips & Cadbury’s chocolates, my impeccably arranged table, my bed with some clothes flung on it..

Current Thoughts: Thinking what to blog next..!


First Best Friend : Reshmi (Now Samson)

First Screen Name: ragesh_g_r

First Pet: A calf named “Manikandan”

First Piercing: The one time I stappled a pin on to my thumb lol

First Movie: Maammattikuttiamma (Malayalam – 1989)


Last Cigarette: Not yet, I don’t smoke

Last Drink: Tea..

Last Car Ride: About 1 month ago , on a Tata Indica while travelling from my home town to Bus Station, when the driver (my uncle) dislocated his shoulder , when the car was travelling at 120 km/hr in Ernakulam city. Thankfully he smoothly pulled over, put his arm back and continued the journey ! 😮

Last Movie Seen: Babel (superb! very realistic)
Last Phone Call: Sugumar (my best college buddy)

Last Book Read: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (A Virgo!)

Have You Ever Broken the Law: well yes, small harmless ones, but most often, I follow even the tiniest of laws

Have You Ever Been Arrested: No!!

Have You Ever Been on TV: I think for a group song in 7th std

Have You Ever Lied: Yes, very rare but yes, else I wud be lieing now lol
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know: he he he , No!


Thing You’ve Done Today: Chat with friends, now bloggin after my friend Revs threatened me in all possible ways that I should blog now

Thing You Can Hear Right Now: The subtle rumble of the A/C compressor and the swish of the fan and my own heartbeats 🙂

Thing You Can’t Live Without: Parents & Friends, Love, Success, tasty food, my car, my bike and favourite electronic gadgets like computer ( and Internet), mobile phone, TV, my MP3 player, A/C etc..

Thing You Do When You’re Bored: Browse, chat, download, read, play games, watch TV, go out and hang with friends, think, brood, envisage contemplate he he,

4 PLACES YOU’VE BEEN TODAY: On my chair on the internet since I woke up :p

3 PEOPLE YOU CAN TELL ANYTHING TO: Samson, Kalpaka, Charanya (random order :P)


1. Black or White: Black (Sexy! enigmatic and classy)

2. Hot or Cold: Cold


To drive (preferably own) a Ferrari, even if I die the next second..

Thou art my love February 15, 2007

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In thine eyes saw I, the sparkle of love,
For you are the one I never want to leave,

Thou art the fairest maiden I ever have ken,
Thou art truly heaven given.

Loving you, the one thing I did really true,
Rest of my life, I have no clue,

God is unfair, he made you so beautiful,
My eyes need more than a life time to feel full

I want you by my side,
To sit beside you with pride,

I want to caress your soft cheeks,
I want to kiss your tender lips

I want to savour your beautiful smile,
I want to regain all that I lost all this while

I will live for you, I will die for you,
The only one I think about day and night, is you!

Then why?, my love! u left my heart in desolation!
Then Why? my love! u failed to see my passion..

All I wanted was your compassion
Now all I have is consternation

Tell me now, tell me true.
Was n’t my love towards you really true?

– Ragesh

Binary Clock! Ting Tong!:) February 1, 2007

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No!, this is NOT a simple clock that has the numbers written on it in binary. This is different! When I was in my hometown, hearing the usual clock that strikes x times when the time is x hours, I got really annoyed. The reason is that at say 12 o clock The clock struck 12 times! That was both annoying to hear and hard to count.

This left me thinking. You see, the usual clock strikes in Unary system (just like a Turing machine!). It has only one symbol(sound), so it strikes “x” times to represent “x”. Just like we would mark 4 vertical lines on the board to represent say 4 points in a quiz.

So, if we use a binary system for the clock, the number of strikes could be limited to just 4 (2^4 = 16 >12). Here is how it will work. There will be two sounds, one to represent 0, and another, to represent 1. So with only 4 strikes, it can represent all the numbers in a 12 hour clock (and only 5 strikes even in a 24 hour clock). For instance, let’s assign the sound “Ting” to 0, and “Tong” to 1. So at 5 0’clock, the clock will strike “Ting Tong Ting Tong” (0101), and at 12 o’clock, it will strike “Tong Tong Ting Ting” (1100).

In a 12 hour period, the usual unary clock strikes 78 times (1+2+..+12) . But our Binary clock strikes only 48 times (12*4). Hence from 5 o’clock onwards, the binary clock strikes less than the usual unary clock.

The advantage of the Binary clock over other bases like, say 3, 4 etc is that, since only 2 sounds (not more) are used, its easy to remember them, and calculating the time is also easier. For example, if we use a decimal system, we need to remember 10 different sounds. If we use Base-3 for example, not only one needs to remember 3 sounds, the calculation of time, too are not straight forward ( ex: 201 (Base-3) = 2*9+1 = 19). So I think, Binary is compact and elegant.

But, many people (I mean people who do not know about Base systems), may find it difficult to compute the time. I just think its a novel idea! :).. I ll try implementing it soon.

She is my McLaren January 18, 2007

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She is My McLaren

She is very haughty
yet soft inside
the more challenging, the more interesting
but very hard to handle
You have to be on the toes
Like a McLaren F1
But once you get acqainted its fun
A wonderful experience
But if u lose control at 375 km/hr
You are dead
Cannot rev the engine up initially
she will cause wheel spin
But she gets into the groove
then she is really smooth
But as a driver u have got to be very skilled
Demanding indeed but worth it and full filling
But very expensive
Really a driver’s car
She is my McLaren..
And, I will not lose her for anything else..

– Ragesh

The 5 Secret Traits Tag January 16, 2007

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I have been tagged by Revathi with this interesting question, To tell 5 things about me, that the world does not know.. Hmmm. let me see..

1. I always tap my fingers producing various rhythms on whatever I find, literally all the time(except while I am sleeping) and my fingers dont get tired at all. I just can’t stop it.

2. All the pens in my pen-case should be aligned in the same direction, that too particularly the nib pointing to my left. I can’t stand if it is otherwise, though I can justify this by saying it is convenient, and when I am riding my scooterette to or from college, my bag should hang on the vehicle, in front of me in such a way that its brand name should face me, else I will pull over, re arrange, and re-start my journey.

3. This is my favourite actually, before commencing any examination, I toss my pen in the air, with the cap open (nib vulnerable), with my eyes CLOSED!, such that it completes a full 360 deg rotation, and catch it, 2 times. And, for the record, throughout the past 6 years, I have never dropped my pen while doing that..

4. Whenever I face a numerical problem, I only consider significant digits and not the actual size of the numbers, and then arrive at the final answer by using the real world knowledge, that is telling whether it is say 125 or 125000 or 1.25, thereby beating the calculator almost all the time. Also, I can give the quotient on diving pretty much any 2 numbers, to any no of decimal places, more accurately and faster than the calculator that’s available.

5. I re-live/re-enact past events which angered or excited me or was cherishable, and future(probable) events, in my head with modifications as to how I must have reacted, rather than how I actually reacted, so vividly that I stop only when I start smiling, talking to myself, grinding my teeth, or clicnching my fist..

I tag anyone who reads this, particularly those who comment. It’s fun! Ok anyway I tag Ravi Kumar, Kalpaka and Priyadarshini.

Comedy questions! December 4, 2006

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Now, I have seen lots of things that have irritated and infuriated me. But, topping the list are some comedy questions that I have encountered during exams, throughout the 16 years that I have been a student, questions which as I see, have no point. Mostly, they give me a laugh.

Some of my favourites(??!!) are:

1. In Std 10th C.B.S.E Board Examination, the very 1st question in Science was something like “How many hours does a radio have to run to consume 1KWh of energy?”. Oh, for crying out loud! what does that mean?, I mean without specifying the power rating, how can I answer that? There are radios of different power ratings. The comedy here is that there was a line in the text that said, “A radio will take about 8 hours to consume 1KWh of energy.” Now, that was a casual statement assuming the radio to have a power rating of 125W. It is like asking, “What is 4+ ?” Oh, it was eneasy to receive that question first up, kind of like a bad omen, but I scored 97% in Science, and so no more omens.

2. Questions that ask us to draw the “architecture” of something. Now, what does that mean? I am an avid artist(painter) but come on, drawing boxes and drawing lines between them. What do we learn from those diagrams? Now, as I have seen, most of them are too complicated to comprehend or too clumsy to give you any idea. More often than not, they don’t make us understand how a system works. It is just a way of mockery of both artists and logical thinking ablility of the students.

3. This is the best! “Frame/Header Formats”. Come on, give me a break!. What do I learn by learning the frame formats by heart and reproducing in the exams. They may be just read through, but expecting us to memorise it. draw boxes that look like trains, split them into boogies, etc .lol. Because it is a specification, and it will be available in any hand book. Everytime I see one of these “frame format” thingies, I go like, “Oh no, not again!”, another 10 min wasted..

4. Questions that are supoosed to be “programmatic” and I look at them with a glow in my eyes, only to find more comedy like “Write the methods of “so and so” class”. Draw the “architecture” of “so and so programming language”. Ah! what a mockery of the intelligence, analytical skills and ablility of a programmer. It is like asking Michael Schumacher to draw the layout of his car using “boxes” rather than drive it as his best to win a race.

Well, I am not undermining the importance of raw theory, but the application part should be given enough emphasis. Thankfully, today in Web Technology exam, there were some application oriented (programmatic) questions.

After all, the purpose of education is to make us think, not to recall, to innovate and not to reproduce. Only then, we will be doing what we call Learning.

The physics behind the pandemonium of driving cars November 13, 2006

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You watch a Grand Prix on a Sunday evening, and your mother exclaims, “What pleasure could you possibly derive from watching the same cars go round and round the same track for 2 hours?”.

But there are plenty of things to learn as we watch the cars go by. In fact even without watching it, just a little contemplation on your side is enough to understand the nuances of the dynamics of a vehicle as it goes through sweeping corners at break-neck speeds.

What you see in Grand Prix can be applied in real-life situations. Contrary to popular belief, Grand Prix races do not encourage perilous driving styles. In fact they encourage you to drive safer, better and more efficiently, being cogniscent of what your vehicle is doing.

The secret of the tyres

The silken smooth tyres of the Grand Prix cars and bikes might give an impression that they are very slippery but it’s not so. The friction produced between the tyre and the road is directly proportional to the area of contact, hence the smoother and flatter the tyre, the better the grip. This is because when two very smooth surfaces come into contact, the distance between them is so small that it is comparable to atomic distances and hence nuclear strong forces take over (The same reason you feel grip when you run your finger on a marble floor).

This theory has an exception though, during rains. Then if you use a slick (smooth) tyre, the water that is trapped between the tyre and the tarmac does not have any place to go and formes a layer of accumulated water between the tyre and the road, causing a phenomenon called “Aquaplaning” or “Hydroplaning”, in which the grip reduces drastically and you feel as if your car is skating on ice. Hence during rainy days, it is advisable to change to a tyre that has deep treads that have channels to push away the accumulated water through sides.

Going around corners

Ever thought why the Grand Prix cars seem to be weaving around the track, changing lanes, sticking to a specific line every time? There is a beautiful science behind it. In fact it is very useful in day today life. I use it often. But you must stay within your lane. Every corner has a specific line which will provide you the fastest way around it, called the “Groove” or the “Racing line”.

The simple theory behind it is the less steering input you give, the faster your vehicle can travel, and the more stable it will be. That is because when you turn the wheels, especially the back wheels are not exactly pointing in the direction the car actually goes. Hence every moment the back wheels point along the line of the tangent to the curve that you are describing. Hence there is a constant force or acceleration applied to the vehicle. A component of the force produced by the wheels is expended in over coming the frictional force. Hence the lesser force you have along the direction of the motion of the car.

So the best way to approach a corner is : Enter from the outside, cut through the inside (apex) of the corner and exit through the outside of the corner, as shown in the picture. Our aim is to describe an arc that has the least curvature or most radius of curvature and the least circumference as possible. Also this method puts less stress on your tyres, and less g – force on you, hence, longer life for the tyres and smoother ride for you.

Cutting the apex of the corner

If you follow the inside line through out, then you have to brake and reduce the speed, hence you use more time.

If you follow the outside line, still the curvature is high and the circumference too is high, hence reduced speed, longer distance, hence more time wasted.

The secret is not to perceive the road as a whole and blindly trying to go parallel to the edges of the road. The secret lies in being able to see the straightest path between two points. The curves in the road need not bother you. Why go in a zig-zag way around a series of corners if you can find the straightest path between them.

As the followig diagram depicts, though the road seems to be winding in a zig-zag way, there is a fairly straight path through the series of curves.

Driving Line

The slip-stream

Now, why do Grand Prix cars pull up behind the car in front and sling shot their way past to over take? It is not any ambushing strategy. But it the exploitation of a beautiful phenomenon in fluid dynamics.

When a vehicle moves at speed, it creates turbulence in the air. And the turbulent air tends to stick to the vehicle more. The less aerodynamic the vehicle, the more the turbulence. Now due to this air behind a vehicle is moving and hence when you drive behind it, the relative velocity of the air in front of you w.r.t to you is less. Also since the vehicle in front drags some air with it, there is a low pressure created in its wake. Hence, for you the effect is low drag, and low drag means lesser energy to cut through the air. Hence with the same amount of energy, you can travel faster, travel at the same speed with less amount of energy. Hence you drive more economically. Now this a strategy I use in the high ways. But again be careful, do not go too close to the vehicle in front.

Thus with the help of physics, we can exploit the most out of our cars’ performance. Nature hides many secrets for us to exploit. It is up to science to find it out and explain it and it is up to us to use them to our benefit. I have tried to be as simple and basic as possible. Happy Driving!!

Note: I should clear some things out. When I say cut the corner, I mean in a one way highway with medians (like Old Mahabalipuram road), when u apply the same technique to a two way road like the E.C.R, read road as “lane”. Anyway the techniques are going to be the same, only that you are going to stick to your lane.

So the 2 figures will now look like this :

and this:
Just a little bit of adaptation :).

Klues 2 Klueless 2. Don’t be Klueless anymore.. November 3, 2006

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With Klueless 2, spreading like wild fire, let me share my knowledge with you guys, hope these Klues will help you win Klueless 2.

Level 1: Know the anatomy of the eye well and know a bit about Klueless 2.

Level 2: Come on, He is THE Man we are talking about

Level 3: What do u see on the screen, any relevance with our man

Level 4: Look at the Title, read the note carefully, who has written it. Link all of them. Remember this is Klueless. So you gotta think out of the box.
Level 5: Look at the plate, be proud of Indian Mathematicians.

Level 6: Ah too simple, or soo timple rather.

Level 7: Break the crust n see what do u get, who is the creator of that.

Level 8: Vrrrrooom!! Automibili irresistable

Level 9: Think ‘laterally’, and you wont be Klueless anymore.
Level 10: Concentrate on the title. Link all of them. It is a very useful item lying around on your desk.

Level 11: Forget philosophy, just look at the words.

Level 12: Don’t get confused with numbers. Think with your right brain.

Level 13: Concentrate on the last line of the story, It is pretty simple, if you get the ‘perspective’ right.

Level 14: Read the lines carefully, use little bit of probability. Then may be search.

Level 15: Come on there is something wrong about it, how do you read it.

Level 16: Concentrate on the position of the cat. Where is it? what is such a place called.

Level 17: Read it the way it is instructed. Look at how it is written

Level 18: What is the winning combination? How is it encoded?

Level 19: Read the story carefully. What could it mean. Spell check!!!
Level 20: Use all the information, esp from the last 10 levels of Klueless2.

Good luck! with Klueless 2 !, and waiting for Klueless 3.

Won Klueless 2 !! – Not klueless anymore October 30, 2006

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Ok, long time since I wielded my virtual pen. Depressed that there was very little intellectual stimulation in my life, other than the small Java programs I did for labs lately (Thanks Java, without you, I would have died of loneliness), I was feeling lonely and idle. Recently, I went through some of the interesting chapters of the world’s most famous detective novel, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Boy! was I inspired!. Being a Virgo (hence having an uncanny nack for attention to details or ‘klues’), I always looked up to Sherlock Holmes. How he saw things that others overlooked!

Hence the setting was perfect when IIM Indore’s Klueless 2 arrvived as part of their event IRISING. It is an online logical puzzle, that requires shrewd, clever and out of the box thinking, almost of detective kinda. You have to find the answers hidden in the clues to move to the next level. I had a taste of Klueless 1 last year, but we were having our exams, so we started late, and I left it. I always like to be the pioneer. The fact the game was already solved kinda dissolved my intererest. This time though, with Klueless2, it was different. We were waiting for it be released.

On 25th Oct, 8:00 p.m my friend aptly called Logic, informed me Klueless 2 was released. We open the game, and Viola! I was elated to find it was based on the very story hat inspired me. Perfect setting, I thought, coz it is interesting and since I have read the novel, I wuld have an edge. I cracked Leve1 and 2 with ease. Still Level 1 was very interesting I thought. Then got stuck on Level 3. Went to sleep.

The next day, we saw that we had quite some ground to cover. Soon enough, Logic and I were joined by another formidable combo of Sidd and Nitin. Then the remaining 4 days were colossal fun. We 4 put a conference, and ideas started richo-cheting like fireworks. Superb team work, everyone contributed and we cracked one level of Klueless 2 after another. With Sidd cracking level 3, I cracked levels 4, 5 and 6. Then again with Sidd cracking 7, I cracked 8 in a breeze, being a hardcore car fanatic, esp the Italiano. Logic and Nitin joined a little late but came full throttle and joined us in Level 9. Sidd cracked level 9 with a bit of ’90 degree thinking’. We were stuck on level 10. We had the correct answer but a mis spell. I sat up late into the night and cracked that one, so that we could start with 11.

Next day was similar. Sidd cracked 11, 12 and 13. We cracked till 13 then again stuck on 14th. Again I went on a late night session and cracked 14. Oh boy! was I so elated. Actually I had entered the right answer before but I had spelt it wrong. Again stuck on 15 level for sometime. But with ithe the fresh thinking and logic of the Arian Sidd, the attention to detail and logical analysis of Virgoan me, the creative logic of Leonine Srik, and the fair judgement and balance of Libran Nitin,.. Sidd and I cracked 15 simultaneously.

Then came 16. We all tried different logic but no avail. Most of us were concentrated on planets, though Logic has a gut feeling its something else. He was right, then eventually some ingenious searching by Sidd cracked that.. We cracked 17 with help of Josh.. Then came 18, Logic gave the all important logic, then all the 4 of us developed it. Still a misslpelling prooved costly. Eventually I saw in the blog about the spelling error and corrected it. I enered the correct answer with the correct spelling and Viola! 18 was cracked.

On 28th oct, I and almost everyone played 20 hours of Kluelesss 2 from 6:00 a.m to 2:00 a.m. Then came 19. stuck on it for sometime, another searching by Sidd did it. Then came 20th. Sidd and I were thinking, we had browse through many of the previous levels to crack this one. We were getting new ideas, finally Sidd tried one and thats it! We won!!. The CSE B quadro cracked it..

I have hooked many of my friends on to the game. All have become addicted to it! By this time, D Pravin, our friend who started a little late, would have finished Klueless 2.

And what a pleasant surprise today(30/10/200), I found our names in the Klueless 2 Hall of Fame.!!

Siddharth – 12

Ragesh(Me) – 14

Srikanth L – 17

Nitin – 21

The pride, the joy, the intellectual stimulation was something incomparable. Will never forget. The best thing it did for me is I am very fresh now. I sharpened up my brain, its now as active as I wanted it to be. All the synapses are buzzing with Na+, K+ charges flowing through electrolites. Back to my project and looking forward to Klueless 3. Thanks all the guys! We Rock..

What drives me.. April 30, 2006

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Oh my friends,
You are my life,
you are my soul,
You have the flair of a Ferrari,
love of a Lamborghini,
majesty of a Mercedes,
magnificence of a McLaren,
purity of a Porsche,
cuteness of a Citroen,
robustness of a Renault,
royalty of a Rolls Royce,
panache of a Pagani,
belligerence of a BMW,
mildness of a Minardi,
magic of a Maserati,
heritage of a Herald,
pedigree of a Peugeot,
dedication of a Ducati,
enchantment of an Enfield,
zeal of a Zonda,
loyalty of a Lada,
fame of a Fiat,
attitude of an Alfa Romeo,
happiness of a Honda,
beauty of a Bentley,
security of a Skoda,
passion of a Pronto,
virtue of a Volks Wagon,
perseverance of a Prado,
maturity of a Mazda,
class of a Cadillac,
integrity of an Isuzu,
kindness of a Kia,
sweetness of a Subaru,
serenity of a Sangyong,
talent of a Toyota,
heart of a Hindustan,
manners of a Mitsubishi,
originality of an Opel,
potential of a Proton,
sensibility of a Saab,
vigour of a Vauxhall,
temerity of a TVR,
finesse of a Ford,
charm of a Chevrolet,
lucidness of a Lotus,
boldness of a Bugatti,
novelty of a Nissan.
You are as immaculate as an Isdera,
jovial as a Jaguar,
astonishing as an Aston Martin,
I am as sad as a Suzuki, to leave you,
you caring Chryslers,
As they say, good friends are for keep,
like a Kawasaki..

3 Powers Tag April 29, 2006

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What kinda power(s) would you choose, if you could undergo bad-ass mutations? You can mention a maximum of 3 powers you’d like. And try to be imaginative….

1. I should have the power to get hold of and drive, if not own the latest supercars and superbikes in the market, like the Ferrari F60 Enzo, Lamborghini Murcielago, Koenigsegg CCX, Bugatti Veyron 16-4, The Y2K, Suzuki Hayabusa, Ducati 916..

2. I should know if someone would like me, in advance, so that break-ups and the pain that she and I may have to suffer later, can be avoided.

3. To be present wherever I want, whenever I want, so that I can go to my beautiful house in Kerala and be with my grandma, everyday..

Where do we go from here?! March 28, 2006

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Long journey ahead… It has just shifted into top gear. Now on it’s full throttle till the finish. Wow!! Here we are, at the threshold of life, waiting in the wings, to take to the skies and explore the unknown. Let’s do it, putting all the complications and bitterness behind, and carrying the memories of those unforgettable moments that we had when we all were together, cocooned in the covert of love, fraternity and togetherness.

Life’s changing, as they say, “The only thing permanent is change”, and our lives too are no different. And hence we dive into the newly found torrent of change with a delirious fervour, enamoured by its façade, not knowing what lurks behind the alluring horizon. But, we will grow; grow higher, stronger and better, but farther away from each other. We can’t help it. Life’s like that. ‘Life is a lesson; you learn it when you are through!!’

But at least, sometimes during a halcyon evening, when the music system is switched off, the T.V is switched off, the Internet is disconnected, the birds have stopped singing, and the only thing you can hear is the still quiet of your own mind, reflected on our tranquil visage, we will think of our friends, our times together and the
moments we cherish, and if it brings a tear in our eyes, a smile on our lips, or a cool breeze in our heart, that’s what our love and friendship is all about.