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The 5 Secret Traits Tag January 16, 2007

Posted by Ragesh G R in Unleashed.
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I have been tagged by Revathi with this interesting question, To tell 5 things about me, that the world does not know.. Hmmm. let me see..

1. I always tap my fingers producing various rhythms on whatever I find, literally all the time(except while I am sleeping) and my fingers dont get tired at all. I just can’t stop it.

2. All the pens in my pen-case should be aligned in the same direction, that too particularly the nib pointing to my left. I can’t stand if it is otherwise, though I can justify this by saying it is convenient, and when I am riding my scooterette to or from college, my bag should hang on the vehicle, in front of me in such a way that its brand name should face me, else I will pull over, re arrange, and re-start my journey.

3. This is my favourite actually, before commencing any examination, I toss my pen in the air, with the cap open (nib vulnerable), with my eyes CLOSED!, such that it completes a full 360 deg rotation, and catch it, 2 times. And, for the record, throughout the past 6 years, I have never dropped my pen while doing that..

4. Whenever I face a numerical problem, I only consider significant digits and not the actual size of the numbers, and then arrive at the final answer by using the real world knowledge, that is telling whether it is say 125 or 125000 or 1.25, thereby beating the calculator almost all the time. Also, I can give the quotient on diving pretty much any 2 numbers, to any no of decimal places, more accurately and faster than the calculator that’s available.

5. I re-live/re-enact past events which angered or excited me or was cherishable, and future(probable) events, in my head with modifications as to how I must have reacted, rather than how I actually reacted, so vividly that I stop only when I start smiling, talking to myself, grinding my teeth, or clicnching my fist..

I tag anyone who reads this, particularly those who comment. It’s fun! Ok anyway I tag Ravi Kumar, Kalpaka and Priyadarshini.