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Klues 2 Klueless 2. Don’t be Klueless anymore.. November 3, 2006

Posted by Ragesh G R in Unleashed.
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With Klueless 2, spreading like wild fire, let me share my knowledge with you guys, hope these Klues will help you win Klueless 2.

Level 1: Know the anatomy of the eye well and know a bit about Klueless 2.

Level 2: Come on, He is THE Man we are talking about

Level 3: What do u see on the screen, any relevance with our man

Level 4: Look at the Title, read the note carefully, who has written it. Link all of them. Remember this is Klueless. So you gotta think out of the box.
Level 5: Look at the plate, be proud of Indian Mathematicians.

Level 6: Ah too simple, or soo timple rather.

Level 7: Break the crust n see what do u get, who is the creator of that.

Level 8: Vrrrrooom!! Automibili irresistable

Level 9: Think ‘laterally’, and you wont be Klueless anymore.
Level 10: Concentrate on the title. Link all of them. It is a very useful item lying around on your desk.

Level 11: Forget philosophy, just look at the words.

Level 12: Don’t get confused with numbers. Think with your right brain.

Level 13: Concentrate on the last line of the story, It is pretty simple, if you get the ‘perspective’ right.

Level 14: Read the lines carefully, use little bit of probability. Then may be search.

Level 15: Come on there is something wrong about it, how do you read it.

Level 16: Concentrate on the position of the cat. Where is it? what is such a place called.

Level 17: Read it the way it is instructed. Look at how it is written

Level 18: What is the winning combination? How is it encoded?

Level 19: Read the story carefully. What could it mean. Spell check!!!
Level 20: Use all the information, esp from the last 10 levels of Klueless2.

Good luck! with Klueless 2 !, and waiting for Klueless 3.


Won Klueless 2 !! – Not klueless anymore October 30, 2006

Posted by Ragesh G R in Unleashed.
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Ok, long time since I wielded my virtual pen. Depressed that there was very little intellectual stimulation in my life, other than the small Java programs I did for labs lately (Thanks Java, without you, I would have died of loneliness), I was feeling lonely and idle. Recently, I went through some of the interesting chapters of the world’s most famous detective novel, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Boy! was I inspired!. Being a Virgo (hence having an uncanny nack for attention to details or ‘klues’), I always looked up to Sherlock Holmes. How he saw things that others overlooked!

Hence the setting was perfect when IIM Indore’s Klueless 2 arrvived as part of their event IRISING. It is an online logical puzzle, that requires shrewd, clever and out of the box thinking, almost of detective kinda. You have to find the answers hidden in the clues to move to the next level. I had a taste of Klueless 1 last year, but we were having our exams, so we started late, and I left it. I always like to be the pioneer. The fact the game was already solved kinda dissolved my intererest. This time though, with Klueless2, it was different. We were waiting for it be released.

On 25th Oct, 8:00 p.m my friend aptly called Logic, informed me Klueless 2 was released. We open the game, and Viola! I was elated to find it was based on the very story hat inspired me. Perfect setting, I thought, coz it is interesting and since I have read the novel, I wuld have an edge. I cracked Leve1 and 2 with ease. Still Level 1 was very interesting I thought. Then got stuck on Level 3. Went to sleep.

The next day, we saw that we had quite some ground to cover. Soon enough, Logic and I were joined by another formidable combo of Sidd and Nitin. Then the remaining 4 days were colossal fun. We 4 put a conference, and ideas started richo-cheting like fireworks. Superb team work, everyone contributed and we cracked one level of Klueless 2 after another. With Sidd cracking level 3, I cracked levels 4, 5 and 6. Then again with Sidd cracking 7, I cracked 8 in a breeze, being a hardcore car fanatic, esp the Italiano. Logic and Nitin joined a little late but came full throttle and joined us in Level 9. Sidd cracked level 9 with a bit of ’90 degree thinking’. We were stuck on level 10. We had the correct answer but a mis spell. I sat up late into the night and cracked that one, so that we could start with 11.

Next day was similar. Sidd cracked 11, 12 and 13. We cracked till 13 then again stuck on 14th. Again I went on a late night session and cracked 14. Oh boy! was I so elated. Actually I had entered the right answer before but I had spelt it wrong. Again stuck on 15 level for sometime. But with ithe the fresh thinking and logic of the Arian Sidd, the attention to detail and logical analysis of Virgoan me, the creative logic of Leonine Srik, and the fair judgement and balance of Libran Nitin,.. Sidd and I cracked 15 simultaneously.

Then came 16. We all tried different logic but no avail. Most of us were concentrated on planets, though Logic has a gut feeling its something else. He was right, then eventually some ingenious searching by Sidd cracked that.. We cracked 17 with help of Josh.. Then came 18, Logic gave the all important logic, then all the 4 of us developed it. Still a misslpelling prooved costly. Eventually I saw in the blog about the spelling error and corrected it. I enered the correct answer with the correct spelling and Viola! 18 was cracked.

On 28th oct, I and almost everyone played 20 hours of Kluelesss 2 from 6:00 a.m to 2:00 a.m. Then came 19. stuck on it for sometime, another searching by Sidd did it. Then came 20th. Sidd and I were thinking, we had browse through many of the previous levels to crack this one. We were getting new ideas, finally Sidd tried one and thats it! We won!!. The CSE B quadro cracked it..

I have hooked many of my friends on to the game. All have become addicted to it! By this time, D Pravin, our friend who started a little late, would have finished Klueless 2.

And what a pleasant surprise today(30/10/200), I found our names in the Klueless 2 Hall of Fame.!!

Siddharth – 12

Ragesh(Me) – 14

Srikanth L – 17

Nitin – 21

The pride, the joy, the intellectual stimulation was something incomparable. Will never forget. The best thing it did for me is I am very fresh now. I sharpened up my brain, its now as active as I wanted it to be. All the synapses are buzzing with Na+, K+ charges flowing through electrolites. Back to my project and looking forward to Klueless 3. Thanks all the guys! We Rock..